Art Collection

The Art Collection consists of historical and contemporary works that support the mission and collection policy of the Whyte Museum. The artist must have lived in the area for at least one year or have worked in the region over a number of years or have used the area as inspiration or subject matter in his/her work. We maintain a list of the artists represented in our collection. The collection contains approximately 4,000 works that relate to the visual arts of the Canadian Rockies, including paintings, drawings, photographs, sculptures, prints, mixed media works, and objects of fine craft. The collections are documented and information relating to the art and artists are kept in the form of artist files, photographic files, art reference library and other related material.

Own a Treasure? The Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies does not make evaluations, nor does it furnish legal authentication of works of art. For such expertise, it is suggested that you contact a member of the Art Dealers Association of Canada.

List of Artists

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Aalook (Canadian b. 1938)
Abba (Canadian)
Abbott, Mary Ogden (American, 1894-1981)
Abraham (Canadian, b. 1927)
Aculiak, Daniel (Canadian, b. 1944)
Aculiak, Josephee (Canadian, 1910-1968)
Adam (Canadian, b. 1925)
Adaskin, Gordon (Canadian, 1931-2001)
Agiak (Canadian)
Aitken, James (Scottish 1846-1897)
Aked, Elizabeth Aleen (Canadian 1907-2003)
Akhi, Louis (American)
Allen, Marion Boyd (American, 1862-1941)
Allen, Murray P. (Canadian)
Amidlak (Canadian, 1897-1961)
Amidlak, Levi (Canadian, b. 1931)
Amiot, Patrick (Canadian, b. 1959)
Anderson, E. (Canadian, b. 1899)
Anderson, Katie (Canadian)
Andrews, Mary Garnham (Canadian, b. 1916)
Ando, Hiroshige (Japanese, 1797-1858)
Andrews, Stephen (Canadian, b. 1956)
Angiayuk (Canadian)
Angilosh (Canadian)
Angliss, George (Canadian 1921-1991)
Angosaglo, Luke (Canadian, 1895-1982)
Anna (Canadian)
Annie (Canadian)
Arnayuinnar, Thomas (Canadian, 1931-1973)
Arpatu, Sajuili (Canadian, 1936-1986)
Ashevak, Mary (Canadian, b. 1932)
Ashley, G.H.W. (Herb) (Canadian, b. 1908)
Askren, Patricia, A. (American)
Atitu, Siasi (Canadian, 1896-1983)
Atkinson, S. (Canadian)
Augaahs (Canadian)
Auger, Dale (Canadian, b. 1958)
Aviliaju, Isah (Canadian)
Awp, Syoolie (Canadian)
Ayn, Henry

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Ballachey, Barbara (Canadian, b. 1949)
Bamiling, Ed (Canadian, b. 1948)
Banting, Sir Frederick (Canadian, 1891-1941)
Barnbaum, Bruce (American, b. 1943)
Bates, Maxwell (Canadian, 1906-1980)
Bax, Peter (British)
Baxter, Adeline (Canadian)
Baxter, Clive (Canadian)
Beardsley, V.L.
Beatty, John W. (Canadian, 1869-1941)
Beckett, Susan
Begay, Harrison (American)
Beil, Charles (Canadian, 1894-1976)
Bell, Alistair (Canadian 1913-1997)
Bell-Smith, Frederick Marlett (Canadian, 1846-1923)
Benson, Frank W. (American, 1862-1951)
Beug, Lorne (Canadian, b. 1948)
Biéler, André (Canadian, 1896-1989)
Bird, Ann (Canadian, b. 1939)
Bishop, Richard C. (American, 1887-1975)
Black, Mary (Canadian)
Blackstone, A.M.
Blake (Canadian)
Bleuer, Ruth Mark (Canadian, b. 1945)
Bloom, Tony (Canadian, b. 1947)
Bonnetplume, W. (Canadian)
Bosley, Frederick A. (American, 1881-1941)
Boyle, Therese (Canadian, b. 1952)
Brackway, E.B.
Bresnahan, Terry
Brett, Harry (Canadian)
Brigden, Frederick (Canadian, 1871-1956)
Bro, A.L. (Canadian)
Brousson, Chas
Brown, Annora (Canadian, 1899-1987)
Brown, David (Canadian, b. 1955)
Brown, Ron (Canadian, b. 1955)
Browne, Belmore (American, 1880-1954)
Browne, Geroge (American, 1918-1958)
Burton, Dennis (Canadian, b. 1933)

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Cameron, Michael (Canadian, b. 1955)
Cameroon, Jewelia Margueritta (American)
Campbell, Colleen (Canadian, b. 1945)
Campbell, Dane (Canadian)
Carmicheal, Robert (Canadian, b. 1937)
Cardiff, Janet (Canadian, b. 1957)
Carr, Emily (Canadian, 1871-1945)
Carrick, M.L. (Canadian)
Carswell, Grace (Canadian)
Cassels, William (Canadian)
Castella, Vern (Canadian)
Cavell, Edward (Canadian b. 1948)
Cels, A.F. (Canadian)
Chattuses, Frederick S.
Cheever, William Abbott (American, 1907-1986)
Chrismas, Lawrence (Canadian, b. 1941)
Christoffersen, Gerda (Canadian)
Christofferson, Monte Monrad (b. 1956)
Christopher, Ken (Canadian, b. 1942)
Chubb, Bryan (Canadian)
Church, Penny Honey (Dominican)
Clark, D. (Canadian)
Clark, Scott (Canadian, b. 1959)
Clutesi, George (Canadian, 1905-1988)
Cockerell, C.R.
Collhurst, T.B. (Canadian)
Collier, Allan Caswell (Canadian, b. 1911)
Collings, Charles John (British, 1848-1931)
Colwell, Diane (Canadian, b. 1959)
Comfort, Charles (Canadian, 1900-1994)
Cooke, Adrian (Canadian, b. 1948)
Corneleus (Canadian)
Cowin, Jack Lee (American, b. 1947)
Cox, Gardner (American, 1905-1988)
Craig, H.S.
Creed, A. (Canadian)
Crumrine, Josephine
Curren, Douglas (Canadian, b. 1952)
Curren, John Donald (Canadian, 1852-1940)

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Dabrowska, Alina (Canadian)
Daly Pepper, Kathleen (Canadian, 1898-1994)
Dalzell, Wilfred R. (Canadian)
Daniel (Canadian
Daniels, Grace (Canadian)
Darroch, Duncan (New Zealand, 1888-1967)
Daubney, James (Canadian, b. 1949)
Davidialuk (Canadian, 1910-1976)
Davidson, W.M. (Canadian)
Davis, H.S.
Davis, Leonard M. (American, 1864-1938)
de Grandmaison, Nicholas Raphael (Canadian, 1892-1978)
de Grandmaison, O.N. (Canadian, 1932-1985)
de Grandmaison, Sonia (Canadian)
Deadman, Patricia (Canadian, b. 1961)
Devidee (Canadian)
Devie (Canadian)
Dingle, Ruth Marion (Canadian, 1908-1980)
Dingwall, Robert M.
Dorjee, Tsering (Tibetan, b. 1948)
Doyle, E. (Canadian)
Drummond Davies, Nora (Canadian, 1862-1949)
Drysdale, Vera Louise (Canadian, 1923-1994)
Dummer, Boylston

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Echaluk, Thomassie (Canadian, b. 1935)
Edgar, P.J. (American)
Eegyvudluk (Canadian, 1920-1983)
Eejuka (Canadian)
Eepoo, Charlie (Canadian)
Eeteeolie (Canadian)
Elkins, Susan (Canadian)
Emond, Alex (Canadian)
Engler, Bruno (Canadian, 1915-2001)
Enns, Maureen (Canadian, b. 1949)
Esler, J. Ken (Canadian, b. 1933)
Etegokjak (Canadian)
Etungat (Canadian)
Evans, Linda (Canadian, b. 1949)
Evetalegak (Canadian)
Ewart, Peter (Canadian, b. 1918)
Eyman, Ellen

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Fair, Maureen (Canadian, b. 1926)
Fanshaw, Hubert V. (Canadian, 1878-1940)
Fechin, Nicolai (American, 1881-1955)
Fenton, Terry (Canadian, b. 1940)
Fisher, David Lloyd (Canadian)
Fiske, Gertrude (American)
FitzGerald, Lionel LeMoine (Canadian, 1890-1950)
Fitzpatrick (Canadian)
Foo Fat, Dulcie (Canadian, b. 1946)
Forbes, Kenneth Keith (Canadian, 1892-1980)
Forelli, Chip (American)
Forn, Edward (Canadian)
Freitas, J.B.
Fry, B.A.
Fuertes, Louis Agassiz (American, 1874-1927)
Fuglem, Karilee (Canadian)
Fulda, Elizabeth (American, 1879-1968)
Fulda, Ruth (American)
Fuller, Jack (Canadian, b. 1900)
Fuller, L.T.

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Gagen, Robert Ford (British, 1847-1926)
Gallagher, Sears (American)
Garthwaite, Ernest (Canadian, b. 1940)
Genn, Robert (Canadian, b. 1936)
Gibbs, Charles (English)
Gissing, Roland (Canadian, b1895-1967)
Glyde, Henry George (Canadian, 1906-1998)
Gmoser, Margaret (Canadian, b. 1945)
Godwin, Ted (Canadian, b. 1933)
Goldsmith, Charles (Canadian, 1903-1985)
Goodall, Edward (Canadian, 1909-1982)
Gooderham, Diane (Canadian)
Grandbois, Brian (Canadian)
Grey, Jerry F. (Canadian)

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H.W.G. (American)
Haeseker, Alexandra (Canadian, b. 1945)
Hagell, Edward (Canadian, 1895-1964)
Hahn, Herbert C. (American, b. 1907)
Haitisle (Canadian)
Hakka (Canadian)
Hale, Phillip L. (American, 1865-1931)
Hard, Shirley (Canadian, b. 1957)
Hare, Jannis Allan (Canadian)
Harlow, Louis K. (American)
Harmon, Carole (Canadian, b. 1947)
Harmon, Don (Canadian, b. 1917)
Harris, Bess (Canadian, 1891-1969)
Harris, Cyril (Canadian)
Harris, Lawren Stewart (Canadian 1885-1970)
Harrison, S.E. (British)
Harrison, Ted (Canadian, b. 1926)
Harvey, Reginald Llewelyn (Canadian, 1880-1963)
Hasegawa, Kaoru (Japanese)
Haukaness, Lars Jonson (Norwegian, 1862-1929)
Head, James (Canadian, b. 1952)
Heaven, Ernest (Canadian)
Heil, Charles E. (American, b. 1870)
Henderson, Mark (Canadian, b. 1953)
Henricks, Zelda (Canadian)
Herrera, Velino (American)
Hibbard, Aldro T. (American, 1886-1972)
Hills, Laura Coombs (American, b. 1859)
Hobun, Tani
Hope, Robert J. (Canadian)
Horsfall, R. Bruce
Horvei, Astri Riise (Norwegian)
Hosei (Japanese)
Houston, James Archibald (Canadian, b. 1921)
Houston, Martha (Canadian, b. 1896)
Hudson, Dan (Canadian, b. 1959)
Hughes, James (Canadian)
Hunt, J. Doris
Hunter, A. (Canadian)
Hunter, Laurier (Canadian)
Hunter, Leonora (Canadian)
Hunter, R.L. (Canadian)
Hutchings, Stephen (Canadian, b. 1948)
Hutchinson, William (Canadian, 1874-1918)

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Iacovleff, Alexandre (French, 1887-1938)
Iola (Canadian)
Irwin, Wesley F. (Canadian, b. 1897)
Isa (Canadian, b. 1915)
Isajiw, Sophia (American, b. 1964)
Isapik (Canadian)
Israels, Jozof (Dutch, 1824-1911)

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Jack, Richard (Canadian, 1866-1952)
Jackson, A.Y. (Canadian, 1882-1974)
Jackson, Hazel Brill (American)
Jackson, Ronald (Canadian)
Jacob (Canadian)
Jacque, Charles (French, 1813-1890)
Jamassie (Canadian, b. 1934)
Janvier, Alex (Canadian, b. 1935)
Janvier, Walter
Jeffrey, Phyllis (Canadian)
Johnassie (Canadian)
Johnston, Franz (Canadian, 1880-1949)
Joseph (Canadian)
Joshua (Canadian, b. 1936)
Juanisialu (Canadian, 1912-1977)

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Kakik, Andrew (Canadian)
Kakinuma, Thomas
Kalingo (Canadian)
Kanina (Canadian)
Kappen, Gottfried (German)
Kaquitts, Frank (Canadian, 1925-2002)
Karpik, Solomon (Canadian)
Karsten, Peter (Canadian, b. 1937)
Kasudluak, Isa (Canadian, b. 1917)
Katerk (Canadian, 1914-1971)
Katoks (Canadian)
Kaunak (Canadian)
Keeyougak (Canadian)
Keith, Elizabeth (British, 1887-1956)
Kenajuak (Canadian)
Kent, Rockwell (American, 1882-1971)
Kerr, Illingworth (Canadian, 1905-1989)
Khu, Josette T. (Canadian, b. 1933)
Kiakshuk (Canadian, 1886-1966)
Kihn, Wilfred Langdon (American, 1898-1957)
Kilopak (Canadian)
Kingsbury, E.W.
Kinsella, Marilyn (Canadian)
Klein, Doug (Canadian)
Knowles, Dorothy (Canadian, b. 1927)
Kobayashi, Kiyochika
Kodeaniuk (Canadian)
Kokkinerk, Sarah (Canadian)
Komami, Ryusen (Japanese)
Konda, D.
Konishi, Kinkyo
Kooanuktolliak (Canadian)
Koomalook, Levi
Kopawpik (Canadian)
Koryo (Japanese)
Kowtynoo (Canadian)
Krieghoff, Corneluis David (Canadian, 1815-1872)
Kroeger, Ernie (Canadian, b. 1954)
Kuanana (Canadian, 1938-1984)
Kunik (Canadian)
Kutoks (Canadian)

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Lamarque, Ernest (Canadian, 1879-1970)
Lambert, Wilfred (Canadian)
Lefthand, J. Jr. (Canadian)
Leighton, Arthur Crocker (Canadian, 1901-1965)
Leighton, Barbara Harvey (Canadian, 1911-1986)
Linck, Mignon Fox (American)
Lindoe, Luke (Canadian, b. 1913)
Lismer, Arthur (Canadian, 1885-1969)
Lodge, Annette (Australian)
Logan, Keith (Canadian)
Lonsdale, Tom (Rev.) (Canadian, 1886-1975)
Lorne, Marquis of (British, 1845-1914)
Lougheed, Margaret (Canadian)
Lucassie (Canadian, b. 1921)
Luktak (Canadian, b. 1928)
Luxton, Georgina (Canadian)
Lydia (Canadian)

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MacDonald, J.E.H. (Canadian, 1837-1932)
MacDonald, Murray (Candian, 1898-1980)
Macelroy, James
MacKay, Allan (Canadian, b. 1944)
MacKenzie, Malcolm (Canadian, b. 1932)
Mackie, D. Helen (Canadian, b. 1926)
MacLeod, Pegi Nicol (Canadian, 1904-1949)
MacPhee, Medrie (Canadian, b. 1953)
Maiolo, Karen (Canadian, b. 1961)
Manning, Cory
Manning, Joanne (Canadian, b. 1923)
Manning, Kelly
Manning, Leslie (Canadian, b. 1944)
Markossie, Ann
Marshall, William E. (American)
Martin, Thomas Mower (Canadian, 1838-1934)
Matchatis, Wayne (Canadian)
Matthews, Marmaduke (British, 1837-1913)
Matthews, Michael (Canadian, b. 1954)
McCaugherty, Irene (Canadian, 1914-1996)
McCullagh, Murray
McCullagh, Nellie
McDiarmid, Karen (Canadian)
McDonald, Rick (Canadian)
McGuinness, Robert J. (Canadian, 1886-1961)
McInnis, RFM
McLean, Michaelle (Canadian)
McLean, Tom W. (Canadian, 1881-1951)
Measuroll, Dave
Mettel, Al (American)
Michaud, Philip (Canadian, b. 1938)
Middleton, Holly (Canadian, b. 1922)
Miglinik (Canadian)
Mikpigik, Anni (Canadian)
Mills, Doris Huestis (Canadian, b. 1894)
Milne, Barbara (Canadian, b. 1956)
Mina (Canadian)
Mitchell, G.B. (American, 1872-1966)
Mitchell, Michael (Canadian, b. 1943)
Mochi, Ugo (Italian, 1889-1977)
Moczoropynski, Mario
Mol, Leonid (Canadian, b. 1915)
Moore, Edmee (Canadian, 1908-1971)
Moore, Richard William (American)
Morant, Nicholas (Canadian, 1910-1999)
Morrison, D.
Mortimer, Florence M. (Canadian, 1855-1959)
Morton, Dorothy R.
Mosai (Japanese)
Mungitok (Canadian)
Muskego, David (Canadian)
Muskego, Robert (Canadian)

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Nadia, Catherine (Canadian)
Nadjugee (Canadian)
Nagy, Gabor, L. (Canadian, b. 1945)
Nailor, Gerald (American)
Nauya, Peter (Canadian)
Nawpachee (Canadian)
Nepachee (Canadian, b. 1938)
Neville, B.E.
Newton, Alison (Canadian, 1890-1967)
Nicol, A.
Nicoll, James (Canadian, 1892-1986)
Nicoll, Marion (Canadian, 1909-1985)
Niviaksiak (Canadian)
Noahadamie (Canadian)
Nonnenbruch, M.
Noolookie (Canadian)
Norwell, Graham Noble (Canadian, 1901-1967)
Notman, William (1826-1921)
Nowra, Peter (Canadian, b. 1929)
Noywo (Canadian)
Nuluki, Danieli (Canadian)

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O’Brien-ffrench, Conrad (1893-1986)
O’Donnell, Tatianna (Canadian)
O’Hanlon, Harry (Canadian, 1916-1996)
Odo, Kokusei
Ohara, Koson (Shoson) (Japanese, 1877-1945)
Okamoto, Keiki
Olassie (Canadian, b. 1915)
Onespot, Norman (Canadian)
Onley, Toni (Canadian, 1928-2004)
Oomayoualook, Isa (Canadian, b. 1915)
Oonark, Jessie (Canadian, b. 1906)
Oshaweetuk (Canadian)
Ottochie, Timothy (Canadian, 1904-1982)
Oxborough, Dorothy (Canadian, b. 1922)

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Painter, W.S. (Canadian, 1877-1957)
Palenske, Reinhold H. (American, 1884-1955)
Panabaker, Frank (Canadian, 1904-1992)
Pappy, I. (Canadian)
Parr (Canadian, 1893-1969)
Paulosie-Kan (Canadian)
Pauta (Canadian, b. 1916)
Pearse, A.
Pepper, George Douglas (Canadian, 1903-1962)
Perehudoff, Catherine (Canadian, b. 1958)
Perehudoff, William (Canadian, b. 1919)
Peyto, Ebenezer “Bill” (Canadian, 1869-1943)
Philipoosie (Canadian, b. 1931)
Phillips, Walter J. (Canadian, 1884-1963)
Piddington, Helen V.
Pilch, Jean (Canadian, b. 1947)
Pinder, D.H.
Ping (Canadian)
Pitseolak, Ashoona (Canadian, 1904-1983)
Pitseolak, Peter (Canadian, 1902-1973)
Pitts, James Ware (American, b. 1953)
Plaskett, Joseph Francis (Canadian, b. 1918)
Poitras, Jane Ash (Canadian, b. 1951)
Pootagook (Canadian, 1887-1958)
Pootoogook (Canadian, b. 1938)
Potts, Serena (American, 1812-1898)
Pov, Peter (Canadian)
Preston, Nancy
Pugen, Diane (Canadian, b. 1943)
Pugh, David (Canadian, 1946-1994)
Pyrcz, Teofan (Canadian, 1908-1976)
Pytoosie (Canadian)

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Qumaluk (Canadian)


Rackham, Arthur (British, 1867-1939)
Raftery, Ted (Canadian)
Raimondi, Roberto (Italian)
Raine, Herbert (Canadian 1872-1951)
Ramsay, Jean (Canadian)
Rebeyka, Anne (Canadian)
Reeves, Richard (Canadian, b. 1959)
Reid, Doug (Canadian)
Reid, Jim
Reid, Leslie (Canadian)
Reid, R. Dow (Canadian)
Remington, Frederic (American, 1861-1909)
Richards, Craig (Canadian, b. 1955)
Richman, Sylvia (Canadian)
Richmond, Leonard (British)
Ridout, M.
Riley, R.C. (Canadian)
Ripley, A. Lassell (American, 1896-1969)
Robb, Edith Morse (American, 1864-1962)
Roberts, Elsie (American, 1871-1927)
Robinson, Peter E. (Canadian)
Rossiter, Alison (American, b. 1953)
Roth, Andreas
Rudkin (Canadian)
Rummel-Waldau, Elizabeth (Canadian, 1897-1980)
Rungius, Carl C.M. (American, 1869-1959)
Rungius, Louise (American)
Russell, George Horne (Canadian, 1861-1933)
Ryder, C.F.

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Sallualuk, Eli
Saltiel-Marshall, Alice (Canadian, b. 1948)
Samwillie (Canadian, 1902-1984)
Sarafinchan, Lilliam
Sarolie (Canadian)
Sasa (Canadian)
Sascha, Jane
Sawai, Noboru (Canadian b. 1931)
Scanie, Marvin (Canadian)
Schäffer, Mary (Canadian, 1861-1939)
Scheurenberg, Y. (German)
Schintz, Theodor (Canadian, b. 1904)
Schmid-Esler, Annemarie (Canadian, b. 1937)
Seppo (Japanese)
Sew, Isa (Canadian)
Shackleton, Kathleen (British)
Sharp, W.
Sheelaky (Canadian, 1902-1985)
Sheeyaujak (Canadian)
Shelton, Margaret (Canadian, 1915-1984)
Shibata, Zeshin (Japanese, 1807-)
Shimaoka, Tatsuzo
Shiraishi (Japanese)
Shou, Zai (Japanese)
Showmik, Davidee (Canadian, 1925-1984)
Shuen (Japanese)
Sila (Canadian)
Simaotik, Daniel
Simeonie (Canadian)
Simon, Wilma (Canadian, b. 1950)
Simpson, James (Canadian, 1875-1972)
Sinclair, Robert (Canadian, b. 1939)
Sitting Wind (Canadian, 1928-2002)
Smiler, Isa (Canadian, 1921-1986)
Smith, David
Smith, Gordon (Canadian, b. 1919)
Smith, James Agrell (Canadian, 1913-1988)
Smith, Levi (Canadian, 1927-1986)
Snow, John (Candian, 1911-2004)
Soper, Eileen A. (Canadian)
Spalding, Jeffrey (Canadian, b. 1951)
Spencer, Earl F.
Spencer, James (Canadian, b. 1940)
Spohr, Barbara (Canadian, 1955-1987)
Standard, Paul (American)
Steinhauer, Stewart (Canadian, b. 1952)
Stevenson, William Leroy (Canadian, 1905-1976)
Stewart, Jim (Canadian, b. 1949)
Strakowski, Patricia (Canadian)
Stratton, H.L.
Stump, Sarain (Canadian, b. 1945)
Sturdy, Robin (Canadian)
Suitak (Canadian)

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Tailfeathers, Gerald (Canadian, 1925-1975)
Takada, Kakushu
Takana, K.
Takeuchi, Seiho (Japanese, 1864-1942)
Taktuk (Canadian, b. 1934)
Tanabe, Takao (Canadian, b. 1926)
Tangat, Peter (Canadian, b. 1928)
Tarbell, Edmund (American, 1862-1938)
Teemeela (Canadian)
Tereszizuk, P.
Thamussieapik (Canadian)
Thibault, Rene
Thompson, Harry S.
Thorburn/Nevis Interface
Thorington, J. Monroe (American, 1894-1989)
Toyohara, Kokushu
Thrundrup, Tserang (Tibetan, b. 1964)
Tillenius, Clarence (Canadian, b. 1913)
Timotee (Canadian, b. 1914)
Timothy (Canadian, b. 1943)
Todd, Barbara (Canadian, b. 1952)
Tommy (Canadian)
Tooki, Peter (Canadian, 1921-1976)
Towkee, Lawme (Canadian)
Townsend, William (Canadian, 1909-1973)
Treherne, Harold J. (Canadian)
Trimmer, Betty (Canadian)
Tudlik (Canadian, 1890-1966)
Tuki, Sima (Canadian, 1911-1967)
Tuma (Canadian)
Turner, John Davenall (Canadian, 1900-1980)
Turner, Ross

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Uhthoff, Ina (Canadian, 1889-1971)
Ulayo (Canadian)
Umehara, Koryo
Urquhart, Tony (Canadian, b. 1934)
Utamaro, Kitagawa (Japanese, 1753-1806)

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Van Dyck, Yolanda (Canadian, b. 1948)
Van Horne, William Cornelius (Canadian, 1843-1915)
Van Wyk, Dirk (Canadian, b. 1944)
Vandervlist, Harry (Canadian)
Varley, Frederick Horsman (Canadian, 1881-1969)
Verheyden, Francois
Verner, Frederick (Canadian, 1836-1928)
Vick, Sydney S.
Vincent, Gordon (Canadian)
Vincent, Harry Aiken (American, 1864-1931)
von Tiesenhausen, Peter (Canadian, b. 1959)

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Walcott, Mary Vaux (American, 1860-1940)
Wales, George C.
Walker, Ella May (Canadian, 1892-1960)
Walker, Stan
Walters, Al (Canadian)
Washburn, Bradford (American, b. 1910)
Wasley, Frank (British)
Watanabe, Bunzo (Japanese)
Watson, Homer (Canadian, 1855-1936)
Watson, Leonard
Weber, George (Canadian, 1907-2002)
Wedgewood, Katharine Longstaff (Canadian)
Weetalooktook, Eli (Canadian, d. 1958)
Welby, N.A.
Wesley, Guy (Canadian)
Whaite, James (English)
Whirter, Z.
White, Scott
Whyte, Catharine Robb (Canadian, 1906-1979)
Whyte, Dorothy (Canadian)
Whyte, Jon (Canadian, 1941-1992)
Whyte, Peter (Canadian, 1905-1966)
Wiedel, Josie (Canadian)
Wilding, Dorothy (British)
Will, John (Canadian, b. 1939)
Willia (Canadian, 1895-1964)
Williams, Garry (Canadian, 1956-2005)
Williams, Joe
Wilson, P. Roy (Canadian)
Wingle, Pete (Canadian)
Wong, Paul (Canadian, b. 1956)
Wood, C.H.
Wood, William Thomas (British, 1877-1958)
Woodard, L.R.
Woodward, S.C. (American)
Woodward, Stanley W. (American, 1890-1970)
Wride, Maisie (Canadian)
Wright, Maurice Christopher (Canadian, b. 1906)
Wright, Seppings, H.C.
Wyeth, N.C. (American)

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No artists under this letter

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Yazz, Beatien
Yoshida, Hiroshi (Japanese, 1876-1950)

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Zednik, Jane (Canadian, b. 1953)
Zollern, C.