Adrienne Assinewai

Ombaashi (She Is Lifted By the Wind)

Artist Statement

I chose to create my piece out of wool for its versatility, durability, and naturalness. This medium is one I use often but I wanted to explore preparing it in a different way. I wanted this uncertainty and newness to accompany me while making this mask as it is something most of us felt when faced with the new reality that the Pandemic brought to us.

I decided to showcase our delicate but resilient and beautiful first family members on my mask to celebrate our interconnections during this time of distancing. For me they also represent that wish for the return to normalcy and the outside world when the shut-down first began and everyone began tucking away inside their homes. I included the sun at the front of my mask not only because it serves as a mimic in shape to the filtered portion of a medical grade mask but also because as a life giving force I wanted that powerful sun to be out in front protecting the wearer. Finally, I incorporated blue jay feathers to help the wearer hear the vast mosaic of what is happening in the world and eagle feathers to help the wearer understand the truth in what they hear.

Adrienne Assinewai 
 Ombaashi (She Is Lifted By the Wind)

111 Bear Street, Banff, Alberta, T1L 1A3, Canada

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