Buffa;p Girl Cooks Bison – Jennifer Bain


Buffalo Girl Cooks Bison, was written for TouchWood Editions in 2014, celebrates the animal that some call buffalo and others call bison. It’san adventure cookbook because each chapter opens with a short story about my time living on the ranch and the buffalo people that I met. There are more than 100 recipes from what I like to call North America’s original red meat. Bison are primarily grass-fed and are free of antibiotics and hormones. The meat is naturally lean and high in protein, iron, and omega-3 essential fatty acids. Her book celebrates ethical carnivorism and asks you to meet what you eat, care about how an animal is raised, and be respectful enough to eat every available part.


ISBN 9781771510752

Softcover | 239 Pages


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Cookbook, Buffalo Girl Cooks Bison


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