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Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies

Box 160, 111 Bear St.,

Banff, AB  T1L 1A3  Canada


General Inquiries:

 T: 403-762-2291 ext. 300

We would love to hear from you!

Please contact any of the individuals listed below by phone.

General inquiries can be emailed to

You can also connect with us through our social channels.

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Donna B&W_edited.jpg

Donna Livingstone

Chief Executive Officer

T: 403-762-2291 ext. 323

Chris B&W_edited.jpg

Chris Hughes

Chief Operating Officer

T: 403-762-2291 ext. 304


Maura B&W.JPG

Maura Knox

Bookkeeper and Administration

T: 403-762-2291 ext. 305

Mollie B&W_edited.jpg

Mollie Riley

Manager of Business and Donor Records

T: 403-762-2291 ext. 322

Archives and Special Collections

Archive Inquiries 

T: 403-762-2291 ext. 335


Elizabeth B&W.JPG

Elizabeth Kundert-Cameron 

Director of Archives and Special Collections

T: 403-762-2291 ext. 332

Kayla B&W.JPG

Kayla Cazes

Librarian/Reference Archivist

T: 403-762-2291 ext. 335

Kate N_edited.jpg

Kate Nielsen


T: 403-762-2291 ext. 327

Kate R.B&W.JPG

Kate Riordon

Collections Processor

T: 403-762-2291 ext. 330

Dagny B&W.JPG

Dagny Dubois

Archives Special Projects and Support for Indigenous Initiatives


Nicole Ensing

Project Archivist

Travis B&W.JPG

Travis Rider

Hosting Indigenous Community Relations

Indigenous Reference Service Associate

Colleen B&W.JPG

Colleen Crawler

Hosting Indigenous Community Relations

Indigenous Reference

Service Associate

Hannah B&W_edited.jpg

Hannah Yuzwa

Archives Assistant: Alpine Club of Canada

Art and Heritage

Anne B&W.JPG

Anne Ewen

Director and Chief Curator of Art & Heritage 

T: 403-762-2291 ext. 306


D.L. Cameron

Curator and Chief

of Design

T: 403-762-2291 ext. 307

Amie B&W.JPG

Amie Lalonde

Registrar and Assistant Curator

T: 403-762-2291 ext. 313

Mike B&W.JPG

Michael Cameron


Kate R.B&W.JPG

Kate Riordon

Collections Processor

Jess B&W.JPG

Jessica Colley

Curatorial Intern

Events and Public Programs



Events Coordinator


Samantha B&W.JPG

Jennifer Royal

Samantha Palmer-Forrest

Manager Education and Interpretation

T: 403-762-2291 ext. 326

Education and Interpretation Coordinator

T: 403-762-2291 ext. 320

Indigenous Programming

Dawn B&W.JPG

Dawn Saunders Dahl

Manager, Indigenous Relationships and Programs

T: 403-762-2291 ext. 318

Emma B&W.JPG

 Emma De Sousa

Mural Assistant

Marketing and Communications

Tera B&W.JPG

Tera Swanson

 Marketing and Communications Manager

Katie B&W_edited.jpg

Katie Goldie

 Marketing and Communications Specialist

T: 403-762-2291 ext. 325

Museum Shop and Visitor Services

Visitor Services & Admissions 

 T: 403-762-2291 ext. 300

Museum Shop

 T: 403-762-2291 ext. 340

Gabi B&W.JPG

 Gabi Wedin

Museum Shop & Visitor Services Manager

Mabelle B&W.JPG

Mabelle Carvajal

Visitor Services Coordinator


Deborah Cameron

Museum Shop & Visitor Services Associate

Jacqueline B&W.JPG

Jacqueline Dolan

Museum Shop & Visitor Services Associate


Maintenance Inquiries:

T: 403-996-0277

Ariel B&W_edited.jpg

Ariel Manalaysay

Manager of Maintenance

Jay B&W_edited.jpg

Jay Ocampo

Manager of Maintenance

Andrew B&W_edited.jpg

Andrew Ros

Maintenance Assistant

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