The Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies acquires, preserves, interprets and makes accessible the history and culture of the Rocky Mountains of Canada by inspiring and cultivating the exchange of knowledge and ideas through our collections and exhibitions.

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Julya Hajnoczky’s multidisciplinary practice seeks to question the complex relationship between humans and the natural world. These intimate portraits of ecosystems re-contextualize some last remaining pieces of a fragmented world, evoking a sense of future nostalgia. Exploring critical issues of biodiversity loss and climate change, Julya aims to cultivate a deep attention to the details and intricacies of natural ecosystems in people and to encourage rethinking human relationships with the natural world.
Image: Julya Hajnoczky, Dalea purpurea, 2020, 36” x 24”, archival pigment print, collection of the artist, courtesy of Christine Klassen Gallery, Calgary
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Snapshots blends prime examples of photographic artistry with equipment used by notable historic photographers. Drawn from the permanent collection at the Whyte Museum artists featured include Bryon Harmon, the Vaux family, Tom Willock, George Webber, Edward Burtynsky, Colin Smith, and more.


The value of photography as an art form and as archival reference material has always been held in high regard by the Whyte Museum. The permanent collection features a wide set of both historical and contemporary examples. Snapshots will take the visitor on a journey through not only time but the technological development that allowed these spectacular scenes to be captured.

Image: Douglas Clark (1952 – 1999, Canadian), Cascade Basin, 1990, photograph, WMCR, CID.18.01


Stanley the penguin b&w, Michael Corner.

Artist Statement:


I make images.

I do not know why I make them.

I do not know who they are for.

I do so compulsively.


To not make images is to put down a delicate thread I chanced to pick up, if I put it down I fear I will be unable to pick it up again. I am looking for that which exists in the space between words.




Michael moved from the prairies to Banff twenty-two years ago. He started teaching himself to paint eight years ago. Michael lives with the marvelous Julie, cats Steven and Augustus and a dog named Bertram.

Image: Michael Corner, They made a mistake Stanley, 2020


Gateway to the Rockies shares Canadian Rockies history through art, artifacts and archives and library materials.
A new section, Hobnails, Beads and Pearls addresses how women from diverse cultures and backgrounds encountered and explored our Rocky Mountain landscape.
This gallery also has information on Indigenous Peoples, surveying, guiding and outfitting, travel, tourism and more!



50 Years of Collecting

As well as being talented artists, Peter Whyte and Catharine Robb Whyte combined their resources to create this gem of a museum. The land came from the Whyte family and the money from the Robb family. Peter and Catharine painted, purchased, or donated the paintings contained within this exhibition, and some of the artists exhibited here became mentors, friends or confidants.
The Founders' Gallery features rotating exhibitions that celebrate the vision and creativity of the Whyte Museum's founders, Peter Whyte and Catharine Robb Whyte.
Image: Peter Whyte, Bear Street Alley, Banff, 1933, oil on canvas, 27.5 x 35 cm, WyP.01.052

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