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Climbing Pioneers of Yamnuska

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Climbing Pioneers of Yamnuska is about Iyamnathka, the “flat-faced mountain” on the eastern edge of the Rocky Mountains, overlooking the prairies, which has been sacred to the Stoney People for millennia. More recently, the mountain, now known as Yamnuska, has become special to thousands of rock climbers. Since the early fifties many climbing routes have been established up the south face. Using interviews videotaped by Chic Scott in the 1990s, this film directed & co-produced by Glen Crawford, tells the story of those climbing pioneers and their adventures — Leo Grillmair, Hans Gmoser, Franz Dopf, Brian Greenwood, Don Vockeroth, Dick Lofthouse and Urs Kallen. This film was generously sponsored by Dr. Bill Hanlon and Lake Louise Ski Resort.



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