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Exciting New Research

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We are pleased to announce that two new research proposals have been approved through the Lillian Agnes Jones Fellowship with the Whyte Museum.

The Committee reviewed 11 applications and awarded two scholarships valued at $6000 each to Tyler Stewart and Felix Mayer.

Tyler Stewart’s proposal “Listening to the Museum” will explore the role that sound plays in society and the literal and figurative “voices” that are inherent in our collections.

Architecture student Felix Mayer will be exploring Canadian cultural attitudes towards the concept of “Wilderness” using writing, mapping, drawing, and architectural site investigations.

In 2001, the Peter and Catharine Whyte Foundation/Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies received a bequest from the estate of Lillian Agnes Jones. Lillian Agnes Jones (1909-2000) was a cousin to Whyte Museum founder, Peter Whyte. Her mother, Elizabeth Jane, was Dave White’s sister. She and her husband Clifford Jones moved to Calgary in 1900. Their daughter, Lillian, was educated at the University of Alberta and University of Washington State, graduating in 1952 with a degree in Library Science. She was Head Librarian for Cal Standard Oil Company in Calgary, and was a member of the University Women’s Club.

The Lillian Agnes Jones Fellowship was established “for study and research related to the history of Western Canada.” It is administered through the Whyte Museum with an open call for scholarly residency proposals across Canada. Successful applicants are expected to carry out their research at the Whyte, using its collections.

Previous recipients were Stephanie Laine Hamilton whose “Booze and Bars in the Bow Valley” is being reviewed by a publisher, and Daniel Meister’s important research: “A ‘Red Tile in the Canadian Mosaic’? Indigenous Peoples and J. M. Gibbon’s Cultural Pluralism, 1920s-1950s” that is stirring attention among academic researchers.

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