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 Lady Hockey Teams Put Up Splendid Exhibition in Finals at Banff Carnival



(Special Dispatch to the Herald)


Banff, Alta., Feb 5. -- In one of the fastest games of hockey ever witnessed on Banff ice, the Regents, of Calgary, defeated the Amazons, of Vancouver, in the finals of the championship ladies hockey series, last night, for the cup presented by the Alpine Club of Canada, by a score of 4-1. The Vancouver girls played the Patricias, of Calgary, on Wednesday night, the game resulting in a draw after two full periods of overtime without a goal being shot by either team. Thursday afternoon the Amazons and Patricias locked horns again, scoring one goal each and re-quiring two periods of overtime in which to make the deciding count for Vancouver, which won by the narrow margin of 2 to 1. The game last night was replete with whirlwind speed, lightning rushes, heavy checking and clean play. The Vancouver players showed the strain of the two strenuous games of the preceding days and, although they put up a good exhibition of hockey, were outclassed by the swift skaters and speedy stickhandlers of the Calgary team. Miss Short, right wing of the Regents, scored two goals in the first period and repeated the trick by driving the puck into the net again in the third. Miss M. Griffith, the Amazon centre, scored Vancouver?s only goal in the second period. Mrs. P.A. Moore who played with the Regents, had one goal to her credit in the third with two assists. The work of Miss. A. Goitkevic, the Vancouver goalie, was especially worthy of commendation, saving her team from overwhelming defeat by clever play. Miss M. Clarin, the Regent?s goalie, also played a star game. The Regents, who won the trophy last year, will hold it for another year. Five hundred and twenty-five paid admissions showed the interest the people of Banff and the visitors took in the game.


The Lineup was:


Regents  Position  Amazons


M. Clarin ...... goal ........A. Goitkevic

C. Brownlee.. defense ...P. Senkler

I. Ure............. defense ...N. Senkler

E. Laukes...... centre .....M. Griffith

P. Moore....... rover ........B. Hines

G. Baptie...... left wing ..K. Carson

M. Short....... rt. Wing ...G. Maddison

U. McLatchie.. sub .......Mrs. Patrick

W. Lee ............ sub ........S. Brewster

M. Robertson .. sub ... nil.

Referee, James Simpson;

judge of play, Ted Davidson.

111 Bear Street, Banff, Alberta, T1L 1A3, Canada

T: 1 403 762 2291   

E: info [at]

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