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Friends of the Whyte: Chic Scott and Kathy Madill-Scott

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

By Chic Scott and Kathy Madill-Scott, Whyte Museum Members and Donors

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Our Friends of the Whyte series features Whyte Museum members, donors, staff, and friends, to get to know them a little bit better. Next in the series are long-time supporters of the museum in myriad ways, Chic Scott and Kathy Madill-Scott.

What is your favourite way to connect with nature?

We both love to hike in the summer either high in the mountains or close at home near Banff. Kathy

loves to study and identify flowers and is a keen photographer. I just love to be out there and

away from my desk for a few days.

Kathy also loves to golf and has found that the Banff Springs Golf Course provides a very special

peaceful place with fabulous views.

In the winter we both ski – both cross-country and downhill. We have season passes to Norquay

where we can get out for an hour or two, and Kathy has a season pass to Sunshine where she skis

with her girlfriends. Although they are all 70-80 years old, they can still ‘rocket’ down the slopes. I

get a spring pass for Sunshine and enjoy the sunny weather and good snow.

Early in the season, we both enjoy cross-country skiing on the Lake Louise trails, our favourite being

the Fairview trail.

We also love the mountain huts. We enjoy the Alpine Club of Canada huts like the Elizabeth Parker

and Stanley Mitchell huts, and we often enjoy the scenic majesty of Mount Assiniboine, sometimes

at the lodge and sometimes at the Naiset Huts.

[Lunch on the rocks, trail to Stanley Glacier], 2017, Personal Collection of Harman and Bev Delyea, Fernie.
Image 1

What do you love most about the Bow Valley community?

Being old-time residents of the Bow Valley (Kathy has lived in Banff since 1969), we love the old

connections and the closeness of the community. The community is really supportive and together

we share many memories and stories.

Why do you support the Whyte Museum and why is it important to you?

We love the way the Whyte Museum pulls the community together and celebrates our common

history. The Whyte Museum is a gathering place where we can enjoy art shows, openings, and

programs. It is a place that understands and celebrates Banff’s unique history.

What is your favourite thing about the Whyte Museum?

I love the archives and can be found there, looking at old documents and photos much of the

time. The staff are so helpful and cooperative, and I feel completely at home. Kathy loves the programming, the varied talks and presentations, and the tremendous art shows

that Anne Ewen and D.L. Cameron put together.



Image 1 - Chic Scott and Kathy Madill-Scott, n.d., (Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park). Personal Collection of Chic Scott.

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