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Jacinda Brisson Reflects on Time With the Whyte Museum Archives

Updated: Apr 25

By Jacinda Brisson, Archives Indigenous Research Intern

Young Canada Works at Building Careers in Heritage (Career Focus)

Back to The Cairn

As I finish up my time at the Whyte, I've reminisced on some of the memories I’ve made here and share what I’ve learned. I’ve been the Young Canada Works Archives Indigenous Research Intern at the Whyte Museum for the past year. My work here has consisted mainly of working with the Indigenous items in our collections as well as working with Indigenous community members and Elders to add their knowledge and perspectives to archival materials held at the Whyte Museum. Now back in my home territory in Northwestern Ontario, I think about the experiences that have stood out most to me.

Colleen Crawler (Recognizing Relations Project Facilitator) and Jacinda Brisson (Young Canada Works Archives Indigenous Research Intern)