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Thank You to Our Volunteers

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Catharine Robb Whyte (1906-1979, Canadian), Yoho Peak, 1930-1935, Oil on canvas, 22.8 x 28.0 cm, WyC.01.201

Our Volunteers

January 1 to December 31, 2018

The Whyte Museum sincerely thanks the following volunteers for their support:

Art & Heritage:

Laura Clippingdale

Jim Swanson

Abbie Swanson

The late Jack Whitworth

Community Engagement and Events:

Kurt Bagnell

Anita Battrum

Russell Bowers

Heather Dempsey

Yves Drouin

Amanda Foote

Joel Hagen

Samantha Hindele

Lee Hutchinson

Patrick McElwee

Murray Palmer

Kevan Rayner

Wendy Robinson

Rosalie Schwarz

Chic Scott

Kathryn Madill Scott

Lucas Smith

Abbie Swanson

Leslie Taylor

Raffi Tchalikian

Brad Weir

Terry White

Edwin, Matt and Heidi Widmer

Library and Archives:

Gordon Burles

Nicole Belcourt

Lena Goon

Jasmine Vala

For volunteer opportunities please visit whyte.org/support or contact Nathalie Delbecq at 403-762-2291 ext. 322 or ndelbecq@whyte.org

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E: info [at] whyte.org

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The Whyte Museum gratefully acknowledges the support of The Peter and Catharine Whyte Foundation and the Alberta Foundation for the Arts

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