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Hans Gmoser - Pushing the Limits: the Legacy | Episode Three

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Hans Gmoser played an important role in the Canadian mountain community for over 50 years. He pioneered rock climbing and ski touring; led expeditions to Mount Logan, Denali and ski traverses along the crest of the Purcells and the Rockies; was a founding member of the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides and produced ten films which he showed to audiences across North America. He is best known as the father of heli-skiing, having created the Canadian Mountain Holidays heli-ski empire.

An eloquent speaker and writer his words and films have had a major effect on the course of mountain sports in this country.

For his contributions to the mountain community he was awarded the Order of Canada in 1987.

This interview with Hans was recorded on November 9, 1996 in his home in Harvie Heights not far from Canmore.



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